Corgi Mode for Warmly

A playful way to show the meeting is ending in Zoom

Corgi Smoosh Animation when your call is about to end

Corgis playing together when you have 5-10 minutes left

Warmly is a Zoom app that offers insights and context on everyone you meet. The team at Warmly approached me to work on a new feature they were launching for their Zoom app – Corgi Mode.

Corgi Mode provides a small overlay at the bottom of a zoom call. When the call is nearing its end, corgis will begin walking across the bottom of the screen. As the call is about to end, another corgi will appear and smoosh its face against the screen.

Warmly wanted a playful and fun design that would gently let meeting guests know when to wind down in order to end on time.


  1. We explored a few designs and storyboard options for each animation: the corgi smooshing against the glass as well as the corgis walking and playing together.

Design 1 involved a more simple design with a more puppy-like face

Design 2 involved a furrier corgi with a rounder nose