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Podcast Logo and Site Art Design

Podcast Logo

Site Art

Hello Metaverse is a podcast focused on demystifying the Metaverse and exploring the implications on our culture and society.

My role was to design and 3D illustrate the podcast logo and website header image.


The client and I had a highly collaborative and iterative approach to creating the logo and website image.

The client first approached me with a podcast that they were working on. They had a tight deadline to launch a podcast that would focus on the Metaverse.

Where many interpretations of the Metaverse today are dystopic, virtual reality-related, or cyberpunk-themed, the client wanted to focus on a Metaverse that was wacky and invited a world of unthinkable opportunities.

Exploration and Concepts

The client was extremely drawn to the idea of contrasting textures because it represented an idealistic world of possibilities. It also helped to demonstrate a Metaverse that wasn't rooted in any current references of popular Metaverse-related art.

The key themes we drew out were: optimism, whimsy, and endless possibility.

My initial sketches focused on some basic shapes and contrasting synthetic and natural textures. At first, we aligned on a more realistic style with strange elements integrated.

As we continued, we began gravitating towards a more playful and cartoon-like visual style.

An updated 3D rendering after changes to visual style

We also decided that we loved the current direction but that it would be better suited for the website image. I presented the client with some additional designs for the header.

The client selected the room design and asked me to include some brighter colors and whimsical animals.

Final Deliverables

Once the header image was complete, the client and I worked on a highly simplified logo that included elements of the header and a 3D rendered title.

For the title, we wanted something that would be bright and contrast well against the logo and website image. We decided to create a neon sign that felt like it could hang in a room as you looked out into the metaverse.

Header Image live on the hellometaverse.fm

Logo live on Apple Podcasts