The Luxonomy Intro

Democratizing the luxury goods market

The Luxonomy is a Youtube Channel focused on the luxury goods market, reviews, and unboxings. They were looking for an introduction sequence for their Youtube videos as well as branding guidance.

My role was design, 3D modeling, and animation.


I interviewed A., who runs The Luxonomy, to understand the motivation and goals for their Youtube channel.

In our conversation, I learned about their love for personal financing, economics, and flipping luxury goods. They told me how the playbook for when to buy typical consumer goods were well known but the luxury goods market was far more opaque.

Their goal with The Luxonomy is to break down the economy for luxury goods, to share what good value buys are, when to buy retail vs used, and how to avoid expensive mistakes. They also wanted to showcase their purchases on the channel as well.

Overall, they wanted a subtle nod to their love for economics in the introduction sequence while also leaving room for what their channel would evolve into in the future.

Below are screenshots of their Youtube thumbnails at the time of our conversation.

Exploration and Storyboards

I shared a set of Pinterest boards with the client and we aligned on thier preferred style. I pitched a 3D style to them to create a more high-end and realistic look that differentiated them from other luxury Youtube channels.

The Pinterest boards helped us realize that A preferred a simpler style that was less data-heavy.

I came back with a set of Storyboards and palette. We made a small update to the price line based on her feedback (reflected in the final introduction sequence).

Style Frames

Final Clips

I 3D modeled and animated some of their favorite products